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The "4-1-1" on 6-Week Courses

What Are 6-Week Courses?

6-week courses are live, online, group classes for mountain dulcimer. Each week, the class meets for an hour via Zoom. Students are provided with a .pdf handout in advance of each class, an opportunity to ask questions during the class, and a video archive of the class to review the following week. Class sizes are 4-12 students, so there is plenty of opportunity for interaction and personalized feedback, without the pressure of being the only student. 

Why 6-weeks?

6-weeks is long enough to really make progress on a particular skill or increase understanding of a concept. The classes are structured so that every week you

  • review what you already know

  • learn something new

  • build toward something you cannot yet do or understand

Erin Mae teaches from your existing strengths and then pushes you to learn and grow beyond your comfort zone. She gives lots of tools for measuring and marking your progress as you work through the class, so you will be able to name exactly what you learned and accomplished at the end of the six-weeks. 

Who should take a 6-week course?

Mountain dulcimer players of all levels can benefit from a 6-week course with Erin Mae. All course are listed by approximate level, but you are encouraged to take any class that piques your interest. Materials are developed in a way to include something to challenge AND encourage novice to advanced players. Some classes assume more foundational knowledge than others, so check the individual descriptions if you're not sure.

how does it work?

When you register, you will receive a link to join the Zoom meeting. Click that link to attend the class each week. Zoom allows everyone to see each other throughout the class, so you can play along with Erin as she teaches. Student microphones will be muted unless they are asking a question, so you will only hear Erin's audio. The entire class will be recorded and sent to all students registered for that course at the conclusion of each class. 

Each class will consist of a weekly live 45-60 minute class taught by Erin Mae; as well as specifically tailored practice assignments each week.  You will also receive handouts (provided as downloadable .pdf files), access to the complete video archives of each course; and most important to me: Interaction with other students.

Since this is a group event, a minimum of 4 total participants is required for the course to commence. If for some reason we do not manage that minimum, a full refund or exchange will be provided.

What If I can't make it to every class?

We understand, sometimes other things come up. 

Fortunately, all classes are recorded; and as a student you will have access to the video archive of all courses in which you are enrolled -- including any you miss.


Now, you will get the most benefit if you are able to attend each class live; but it's not a problem if you miss a class or two along the way. 

ok, but What Do i need?

For most classes, you will need 3 things*:

  1. An internet connected device equipped with a webcam and microphone (most laptops, tablets, and smart phones work).

  2. An email address.

  3. A desire and commitment to learn and grow as a mountain dulcimer player.

 *Some classes will require additional materials. Anything additional (book, capo, software) will be identified in the course description

wow, there are lots of options. which do i choose?

You're right.

There are a lot!

This year Erin Mae Music has taken a slightly different approach to 6-Week Courses.  Instead of only presenting the upcoming round of courses; we have put the entire yearly schedule out there for you to see.

In doing this, we hope that you can make a more informed decision about which courses will be the best for you.

All courses have been broken down by Session (Date) or Participant Skill Level. Where necessary, each page begins with a short paragraph explaining its contents. All links are found on the Left Hand Menu on all pages devoted to 6-Week Courses.

I'm interested, but what if i can't afford it?

Knowledge is paramount to fostering growth. Anyone who is interested in learning should not be stopped only because of money. If you are in need of financial assistance, scholarships are available thanks to my generous patrons at Patreon. Please Contact Erin Mae to apply.

I don't want to commit to that much right now.

We know this may be a lot to say 'yes' to right now, and that's not a problem.


All 6-Week Courses can be taken independently, and all course registrations will be open until the class is full or 24 hours prior to course start date/time. However, since we intentionally keep class sizes small, registration can fill up quickly for high demand courses

I still have questions

We would love to hear from you!

Hit the Contact Button at the bottom of the page, or

Contact Erin Mae by sending an Email

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