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Erin Mae has made it her mission to use an obscure American folk instrument, the mountain dulcimer, to connect with audiences around the world. She has a unique and progressive style birthed from twenty-five years of studying bluegrass, jazz, classical, and old-time Americana music. She is a trail-blazer with her instrument and has a knack for creating a compassionate & welcoming space for students to learn and grow. Erin Mae's mission is to empower and equip people around the globe with the tools to find their own creative expression. 

Music Resources


Mountain Dulcimer:
6-Week Classes
Mondays and Tuesdays


Whip Up a Tune: A Baker's Dozen Tunes & Recipes


First weekend in February, June, and October

Dulcimer Players News Festival Directory


Youth Dulcimer Club
Mon 7:00P Central

Music Museum Online
Discover the Dulcimer


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