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Youth Dulcimer

The Youth Dulcimer Club is a place for kids who want to meet new peers who are interested in the Mountain Dulcimer.

Ages 11-17

While there will be some beginner knowledge taught, this is not the place to first be introduced to a dulcimer. You must have received at least one lesson (from anyone, not just me) and know the basics of the instrument.

Cost: $15 USD/Month


wacky wednesday


This 1-Hour session is full of fun and wonder for your Littles. This is a place for children to use their imaginations and learn a thing or two while singing some songs.

Pre K - Grade 2

There is no required cost or donation to be a part of Wacky Wednesday. If participating adds something to your life; please consider a One-Time Donation or becoming a Sponsor.


Family Friday

1 Hour, Every Friday.

This is a chance for families to gather, learn, and participate in the history of classic folk music. There will be a single song that is the focus of each weekly session and families are encouraged to listen, sing, and dance along.

Ages 1-99

There is no obligation. Sessions can be purchased one at a time, or families may subscribe for unlimited access.

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