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Introducing the perfect accessory for your home music studio - the DulciDock! This innovative hanger clamps securely to any shelf or table, providing a convenient and safe place for your hourglass-shaped acoustic mountain dulcimer when not in use. With its sturdy construction and easy installation, you can trust that your dulcimer will be well-protected while displayed proudly in any room. It is available in 10 wonderful colors, allowing you to choose the perfect match for your instrument or add a pop of color to your music space. Never again will you have to lean your beloved instrument against the wall, or place it on the floor when you leave the room. Say goodbye to case violations and hello to organization with the DulciDock!


PriceFrom $30.00
Excluding Sales Tax
Expected shipping mid June 2024
  • The DulciDock is a Light Duty instrument hanger; and is only intended for use with acoustic hourglass shaped mountain dulcimers with a body depth no greater than 3 inches.

    DulciDock is not intended for use with any instrument that contains electronic pickups; as pick-up placement changes vertical weight distribution and may cause the instrument to slide and fall from the DulciDock.

    Please use and store in temperatures ranging from 40-120F.

  • The DulciDock Standard has an opening of 4.75 inches; while the Wide version has an openning width of 5.5 inches.

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