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Dulcimer Crossing

Enjoy mountain dulcimer lessons and hammered dulcimer lessons at your own pace, in the comfort of your own home. With our online dulcimer lessons, you will soon play dulcimer music well enough to join in at jam sessions with confidence. There are now over 2,050 videos with over 5,200 minutes of instruction, from 16 different teachers; 500 pdf documents providing tablature and sheet music, as well as the lyrics; and Live Events online every month for our Premium Members, and once a quarter for our Basic Members

Dulcimer Players News

Since 1975, Dulcimer Players News has played a key role in creating and sustaining a vibrant community of citizen musicians. We come from all walks of life and every imaginable skill level. Dulcimers—be they fretted, struck, plucked, strummed, or hammered—are accessible, traditional, and meant to be shared. Sharing music in concert halls, community centers, and back porches is why the dulcimer community grows and thrives.  

McCafferty Dulcimer

Terry began building mountain dulcimers and pick’n sticks commercially around 1996 as a result of the encouragement from the late Larry Barringer.  As mentioned previously, Larry was a dulcimer builder from the Houston area.  Larry was a gentle soul and never met a stranger.  Larry’s work was derived from his relationship with the late Bob Mize.  Terry’s hourglass and pick’n stick designs were derived from Larry’s work and continue to evolve.

McSpadden Mountain Dulcimers

Jim and Betty Woods purchased the business in 2001 and they have continued development of new models; including the Schnaufer models, the six strings both standard range and baritone, the basses, and the dulci-banjos. At the time of the sale we were building number 42,000. Building lots of dulcimers doesn’t prove much but having those dulcimer being played by satisfied customers does indicate that we know what we are doing and how to serve the dulcimer community.  You can place your trust in our instruments and service.

Folkcraft Instruments

Folkcraft Instruments has been crafting handmade mountain dulcimers since 1968. We've been providing the best dulcimers, plus the dulcimer cases, tab books, dulcimer string sets, and everything else a mountain dulcimer player needs. We even provide dulcimer parts - machine heads and wood parts - for builders of all skill levels. We're happy to build a custom mountain dulcimer for you, make you a custom instrument case, or make you a custom string set. All of our dulcimers are handmade in the USA.

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