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1808 N Heiserman

Wichita, KS 67203

Tel: 1-785-614-4061

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  All About Erin Mae  

The Person


Erin Mae is a mountain dulcimer virtuosa who has taken an obscure American folk instrument, and with it has developed a high level of technical proficiency and musical expression. Erin has been playing for over twenty years and in that time has developed a unique and progressive style. She performs extensively as part of a duo, Scenic Roots. Carrying the rhythm section with her signature percussive chop and flat-picking fiddle tunes with impressive dexterity; audiences nationwide show amazement as they watch her fingers dance over her dulcimer strings. One guitar player quipped, "Erin can do more with three strings than I can do with six."

The Training


Erin Mae received her first mountain dulcimer at the age of seven. Ten years later, in 2004, she won the prestigious National Mountain Dulcimer Championship; making her youngest winner of the award at the time. Erin went on to study classical piano at Sterling College in Sterling, KS before pursuing a degree in Commercial Music, with an emphasis in bluegrass and acoustic jazz, through South Plains College in Levelland, TX. She graduated in 2010, becoming the first mountain dulcimer player to complete the program; and began touring full-time as part of the duo Scenic Roots. Erin has participated as an instructor at children’s music camps; as well as various festivals, and providing private lessons.  

The Passion


Erin Mae is a cancer survivor -- and played her mountain dulcimer through every chemotherapy treatment. She firmly believes that her music and faith were paramount to her healing. Erin is currently working on a book project documenting her struggle with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and the impact this event has had on her music and worldview. Erin strives to let her music and story act as a beacon of light for those going through difficult times. You can hear that passion as Erin Mae culls from her instrument music which lifts the spirit and heals the soul.       

  Erin Mae  
Words of Wisdom 


Dove Chocolates once told me "Music touches feelings that words cannot." It is something that resonates with me, and I aim to give others the experience of expressing themselves through music. If I can be part of your journey in any way, please don't hesitate to contact me.  


We’d love to hear from you!

1808 N Heiserman | Wichita, KS | 67203 

Info@ErinMaeMusic.comTel: 785-614-4061